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Locked out of your own server?

On March 5, 2014, in Cpanel/WHM, Website Tips, by seo-admin


Did you type your WHM root password in wrong too many times? If so, your IP address is most likely blocked from accessing SSH, WHM and FTP. In WHM there is a security protection called “cPHulk Brute Force Protection” that helps protect your server from hackers. What to do if you (the root user) are blocked?

Here are some solutions:

  • First if you know the password you can try resetting your IP address by turning off your router. This usually works if you are on a dynamic IP such as cable internet.
  • Static IP or your last known password isn’t working then reset the password in your Server Control Panel. Once you password has been reset open up a temporary Serial Console for one hour. This will give you a temporary username and password. Once you have SSH access type the following:
  • echo “delete from brutes; delete from logins;” | mysql cphulkd


    Now you should be temporarily unblocked from WHM. Make sure you add your IP address to the White List (Trusted IP List).

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