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It is not uncommon for Google to change their Places algorithm every two to three months. However, the latest change around July 20th was interesting. The big G is placing very little or no empahsizes on citations. Why is this a huge change? For years map optimization experts have been preaching citations, citations, citations. The more citations the better the ranking. No longer the case.

Another noteable update, they have reduce the value of reviews from other websites like yelp, dex, and citysearch. Over the past two years the Big G had placed weight on reviews from other websites and added it to their places page. Now, they are focusing on just the reviews left directly from G users and just reporting the number of reviews from other websites. This change could also be due to legal reasons. Since they were taking content from other websites (without permission) and displaying it on their website.

This is just another reason why an SEO expert is needed for your company. As the algorithm changes so does your optimization methodology.


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