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Web Design And Hosting FAQ



Do I need to hire a "local" web site designer?
Aliante Web Design creates web sites for clients who are local as well as out of state. By using the Internet, email and the telephone, it is possible to communicate effectively with clients in any location.
How long does it take to have a web site designed?
The time frame is determined by the size of your web site, the complexity of your site design, and our current client design schedule.
I am currently hosted with another firm and would like to switch over to Aliante Web Hosting. How do I do this?
Just email us your information and we will take care of everything. We will transfer your domain name along with all of your existing web sites content.
Can I choose you to design my site and use my own web hosting?
Yes, you can use any web host you like. Once your website has been completed you will have to provide us with your web hosting ftp login username as password so that we can upload your website for you.
What is site maintenance?
Site maintenance is a fee paid monthly to keep your site updated with new content that you provide. Most good web sites have new content updated regularly. Fresh content is what will keep your visitors coming back. This is an optional service that we provide for our customers. If you want to maintain your website yourself you can do so.