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Google Maps provides local business results for keyword searches usually ahead of the organic listings.   Approximately 80% of all local searches is done on Google Maps and therefore it  has now emerged as one of the foremost platforms for online visibility.   So, an internet marketing strategy must include maps optimization.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google Maps is another term for online visibility and it is imperative for small businesses in Las Vegas with a local focus to hire a professional Las Vegas SEO firm, like Aliante, to stay in business. 

Before Google maps came along, yellow pages had dominated the landscape and the size and frequency of your ad determine your business success.  Now,  that most people throw away the yellow pages as soon as they receive them or use them to fuel their fireplaces in the winter it is still a wonder why anyone would pay $2000 – $10,000 a month for a full page ad!   Maybe these larger companies that still pay these massive fees cannot imagine a world that’s not yellow and are slow to embrace the internet. 

Their marketing ineptitude can be your opportunity!

Our current clients our growing and profiting.  They see new customers  just about every day.  Also, they are learning more about their business because we provide them valuable tracking information like what keywords their customers are using, total calls per month, and how many of these calls resulted in business. 

 The process whereby one goes about establishing their business on Google Maps is easy.  However, the process of getting rank on the first page in a competitive category requires a professional seo company. 

Think locally, think maps!


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