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Did you recently decide to move your website to a new host on VPS or Dedicated server from a shared account? You will also need to to move your SSL certificate as well. Some service providers will try to get you to install a new SSL cert from their company which could cost an additional $100 plus per year. All SSL certs are pretty much the same. So, keep your third party SSL (I recommend GoDaddy’s SSL) and save some more money by installing it yourself. Don’t worry, it’s simple! See instructions below…

Step 1: Create A Certificate Signing Request (CSR)
Login into WHM and click SSL/TLS >> Generate a SSL Certificate & Signing Request. Keep the SSL domain or subdomain the same as you original had it. Note: If you didn’t select * then next time write it this way because you will be able to use for your domain and any subdomain you create.


Step 2: Log Into Your Godaddy Account or Third Party SSL Account
We use Godaddy just because they have pretty good customer service support, always running a special and they will be in business for the forseeable future. However, there are a number of other good third part SSL providers. After logging into your account goto the your SSL Certificate and click on re-key. Paste the CSR into this section, hit submit and download files.


Step 3: Open Your SSL Cert in Notepad And Copy
Unzip the your SSL cert and open it up in notepad. Godday usually has more than one file when unzipped so the one you should open is usually the gd_bundle. However, if you do not know which file your cert is located in then open each file until you find the one that reads “—–BEGIN CERTIFICATE—–“ Select all and copy.

Step 4: Install a SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain
Last step! Go back WHM and click SSL/TLS >> Install on SSL Certificate and Setup the Domain. Paste your certificate from your notpad in the CRT box (usually the first box). You may also have to type in your SSL domain (subdomain) and hit fetch. The rest of the info (key) is automatically generated. So click submit and you have just installed a SSL certificate. See below.


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Did you recently switch from shared hosting to VPS or Dedicated hosting? Then there might be a permission writing issue with wordpress that reads “Sorry, but I can’t write the wp-config.php file”

The solution: Change the mod_php. Login into WHM and click the following Service Configuration >> Apache Configuration >> PHP and SuExec Configuration. Change it to CGI. That’s it.

See example below…

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